Wine Racks For Small Spaces – Perfect for Apartment Living

customerphoto Do you live in an apartment or Condo and are looking for wine racks for small spaces?

You can certainly spice up the decor of an apartment with a smaller wine rack.

In fact shopping around for small hand crafted wine rack could be just the thing you need.  They’re perfect for adding charm and character to any apartment or condo space.

Things to consider when choosing small wine racks for small spaces, apartments or Condos. 

Wine Rack Size

What are your wine needs?  Do you you generally shop for wine by the case or the bottle?

Do you like to store wine or do you drink it as soon as you buy it?

If you buy wine by the bottle generally a smaller 4-8 bottle wine rack would be sufficient.  If you shop weekly and drink on average a bottle a day, an 8-14 bottle wine rack would do fine.  If you buy wine by the case any larger size wine rack would be adequate.

Of course apartment or condo living limits your amount of storage, however if you have a wall that you can dedicate to a wine rack, certainly larger 50 bottle size wine racks may work, but typically living in apartment doesn’t offer that luxury.


Do you like to display wine on your wall or do you like furniture cabinet style wine racks that sit on the floor?

If you don’t have a lot of extra floor space for furniture, wall-mounted wine racks are perfect. They’re easy to mount and many of them are designed to hold up to 20 or more bottle sf wine.


A simple classic style like the wine rack at the right is perfect for a small space over a table, underneath a cabinet space or to fill in an empty space over a small bar area.  Whatever the wall space, this gives your room a little bit of art and a great way to show off your favorite bottles of wine.

One of my favorites is the single bottle holder. The single prize bottle holder at the right can even be mounted on either side of a photo giving it the appearance of two wall sconces.


Wine Rack Price

Wine racks vary in price quite a bit generally starting at  $15-$20 going as high as $500 -$800 depending on the type of wine rack.

Mass produced wine racks are generally a bit cheaper giving way to the artisan hand crafted wine racks that are considered more of a decorative art piece. IMG_6707

How much you spend is entirely up to you, your taste and how much you love wine 🙂   But if you want to add character and uniqueness to your apartment or condo or even add a little conversation piece choose wine racks that you won’t find everywhere.  They’re pieces that will give small space living a refined charm.


Jeffrey & Elizabeth


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  1. It’s hard to find quality hand crafted wine racks. I get so tired of the assembly line racks we see in most department stores. Here’s to getting your wine racks in as many of the homes and apartments around the country 🙂

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