Affordable Wine Rack Displays for Your Home

wine rack displays Wine rack displays come in all sizes and shapes, but when it comes to displaying them in your home there’s something exciting about stepping outside the traditional wine racks designed into kitchen cabinetry or the simple wine rack openings that lack style and creativity.

For turning a dead wall space into a creative wine space I’ve come to appreciate; even love the wall mounted wine rack designs. They certainly add character and individual creativity not to mention they create a focal point that displays personal taste and individualism.

In a nutshell; wall mounted wine rack displays make great use of small spaces and they’re affordable.

You don’t need a massive space or a huge budget to store or display your favorite wines. In fact below are just a few unique wine rack displays and ideas that will not only fill a purpose, they’ll add tasteful design and uniqueness to your home, apartment, condo or cabin.

Look for artistically designed wooden racks if you have a smaller collection of wine bottles that you’d like to display.

Wood & Wrought Iron Small Display

Created from carefully selected choice Western Red Cedar, the wood is hand finished, distressed, stained a Golden Oak color and finished with a clear lacquer coating. This piece is designed with a classic, simple look.

wood and wrought iron wine rack

The Picket Fence 

These wine rack display is a simple look that’s fun and refreshing. It adds charm, color and a uniqueness you won’t find anywhere else.  This wine rack even come in colors!


picket fence wine rack customerphoto


The Vertical Rustic Wine Rack Displays 

If you love vertical wine racks, these are two rustic favorites. They’re perfect for a larger wall display. The hand hewn and burned look of the wood is a nice focal point for your wine collection.

burned barn wine rack                                   vertical wood wine rack

Single Bottle Prize Wine Display

This small wine holders add a decorative touch and they can double as wall sconces holding one bottle of wine and glasses. The glasses can be added or left off.

prize wine bottle display




So there you have it my friends. Affordable wine rack displays for your home that anyone can use to fill a dead wall space and turn it into an attractive wine space.


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