Wall Wine Racks Add Creative Home Décor

Tuscan 8 bottle customer installation picture_051516 If you drink wine, a wine rack is essential for proper wine storage; but have you ever thought about how wall wine racks also make ideal wall decor pieces?

In fact the perfect wall wine rack in just the right setting can turn your wine bottles into a piece of art for your walls.  It will enhance the surrounding environment of your room as well as add a touch of class.

It’s for that very reason that many fine wine lovers and connoisseurs intentionally buy wine racks that will show off their collection.

Wall Wine Racks to Show Off Your Wine Collection

Wall Wine racks come in all shapes and sizes, however the real beauty of wall wine racks is they’re a highly decorative and an inexpensive way to add flair or pizzazz to your dining or living space walls, and they don’t take up much space so they’re ideal for small spaces or apartment living.

Here are a few wall wine rack ideas for using your wine bottles as decorative pieces for your home. I’m certain you’ll see how these pieces will spice up your home wall decor.

Make Your Home Bar a Focal Point

If you have a home bar area, an entertainment room or finished basement complete with a bar for entertaining friends and family, why not take your wall décor from simple signs and dull posters to a level of style and sophistication?

Your bar wall space whether it’s large or small is the perfect space to display wall mounted wine racks.

Try the the paired-up look.

To create a visually impressive and creative space for your walls it’s fun to try to find wine racks that can be used in pairs. This way you can fashion them together or beside one another for a paired-up look. In other words find wine racks that complement each other as the ones seen here.

wall wine racks

amalfi wall wine rack

These wine racks are especially unique as they can be made in the reverse. For example, the single wine rack is pictured in a Z-style for a single display, however it can be made into an S-style for pairing two of them up to display as a matched set.

Get the idea?

You not only have a beautiful display of your favorite wines, you’ve now just created a great piece of art for your wall.

How about the Tuscan Look

You can easily capture the romance of Italy with the Tuscan style of wine rack which traditionally uses the wrought iron to complement the wood of the wine rack.

Like the wine racks above they look great alone or you can pair them up as well.

old world wall wine rack

I love the idea of complementing the wine rack with a similarly made glasses rack like the one seen below. You can use two wine racks with one glasses rack or vice versa. Keep in mind that these glasses racks can be made to accommodate 4, 6, 8 or 12 glasses.

wine glass rack


Get as creative as you like, the sky’s the limit when choosing how to decorate your walls, and these wine & glasses racks give you lots of options.

** It’s also important to note that wood is a poor conductor of light and heat, that makes a wood wine rack perfect for storing your wine.

Add Pizzazz with Wooden Wall Sconces

When space is limited, wall sconces can be a beautiful solution. But you can also take that a step further and use wine wall sconces.

wall wine rack

This wall sconce idea uses your favorite prize wine bottle and will make an elegant, decorative yet simple statement. A single bottle sconce such as this might also make a lovely romantic gesture for setting above a table that is pushed up against a wall, like those often found in smaller apartment settings.

You might also try simply using candle sconces to place on either side of a wall wine rack. Candle sconces can provide both attractive lighting for your space giving it a texture accent which can certainly add to the ambiance of the room.

wall sconce

Create a French Country Rustic Style in Your Dining Room

The French Country rustic style is the popular trend today.

What is French Country exactly?

French country can be described as using distressed or antiqued wood and mixed toile patterns that use subdued colors adding both warmth and vibrancy to your home decor.

The washed out look is very popular among French Country style lovers and adding a wall wine rack that fits the French country style of decorating can make a very attractive statement.

Here are a couple of unique ideas that capture that French country look.

wine glasses rack


riddling wall wine rack

In closing, keep your storage space requirements handy when shopping for a wall wine rack as that will help you find the best fit for the space you need filled.

Also keep in mind that a wall wine rack needs clearance space to get the bottles in and out of the rack, for instance if the wine rack has pictures or sconces next to it or is close to an adjoining wall you’ll need that much extra room to maneuver the wine bottles in and out of the rack.

Oh yes, just one other thing. Remember that wood is a poor conductor of light and heat, that simple little fact makes a wood wine rack perfect for storing your wine.

Whether you enjoy the warm Tuscan, French country or the modern style of wine racks, these wall wine rack ideas are designed to add panache and creativity to your home decor.


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