Tuscan Style Wine Racks For Your Home

tuscan style wine racks

One of the things I love about drinking wine is how it reminds me of the beautiful Tuscan Wine Country and vineyards of Italy.  So it’s been a favorite thing of mine to bring that Tuscan style, inspiration and rustic feeling of Italy right into my home with Tuscan style wine racks.

To capture that specific Italian wine country look and feel as part of my home decor I seek out decor items that reflect the Tuscan countryside. One of my favorite ways to to do that is with Tuscan style wine racks and similar wine rack decor.

If you’re also someone that loves the Tuscan style and appreciates Italian decor here are some great suggestions that are not only easy to find, they’re affordable.

Create A style of the Tuscan Wine Country with Wine racks

Wine racks add character; what’s more is they make great use of the space you have. Whether you live in a large home with lots of space or a smallish size apartment, there’s a wine rack solution that will get your wine bottles off the floor and onto a decorative wine rack that can make a stylish yet artful statement in your home.

It’s not actually good for your wine to stash your wine bottles in cabinets, drawers, closets and pantries. Storing your wine bottles in out-of-the-way areas is not only bad for your wine you’re losing valuable decorating potential.

Whether your decorating style is rustic, modern or contemporary there’s a wine rack for any decor that will add a little bit of the Italian wine country to your home.

The magic of wine racks and their decor possibilities


old world wine rack

The Italian Tuscan decor lends itself to wrought-iron and wood and reinforces the rustic theme. The Tuscan-style features surfaces that are distressed or slightly rough, rather than smooth, sleek, shiny or modern in appearance. I personally love the rustic style because it suggests a sense of a lived-in and well-loved atmosphere.

Drawing inspiration from old-world Europe, Tuscan-style decorating is never short on elegance and warmth. It brings a touch of the old-world charm into your home through decor that’s refined, classic, and gently aged. A great rustic wine rack also ensures no space will be left untouched by the beauty and elegance of the dramatic Tuscan style you love.

Tuscan Style Wine Racks Inspire Will Inspire Your Decorating Style

As I mentioned earlier, wood and metal are a great combination for Tuscan-inspired furniture. Rustic wood finishes typically include warm to dark stains and may have a distressed appearance. Metal finishes range from antique browns, autumn gold, antique copper, and burned bronze to mocha browns and black. Any furnishings with a quaint, rustic charm are well suited for the Tuscan style.

Of course you can incorporate more heavily styled furniture for a sense of refinement; however avoid pieces that have a sleek, modern look, these can detract from the overall rustic aesthetic.

Mixing materials is OK too especially if you use stone or possibly slate. These combinations are both earthy and stylish. If you’re looking for wine racks with character try looking for wrought iron accents. They definitely add a refined quality to the rustic look.

But what about the size of your home or apartment where wall space may be at a minimum?

It doesn’t matter how big or small your home, wine racks comes in all sizes, styles and dimensions. You can find counter top models, built in styles, wall-mounted styles and floor models. For counter and table spaces the smaller tabletop models can be perfect for adding a decorative element that makes them an attractive addition to your kitchen or dining area.


Glasses Rack

If you have a smaller space, reduce the clutter of your wine bottles and enhance your Tuscan style with wall wine racks. Again these wine racks come in all styles and sizes. Wall-mounted wine racks can be a real space saver while also adding a decorative charm, particularly if the wine rack holds both bottles and glasses.  Even racks that hold only glasses can be a nice addition to your bar or kitchen area.



Wine & Glasses rack

Wall mounted wine racks are perfect for placing over a buffet, side table or small bar area. Look for designs that offer adequate bottle tilt and will secure your bottles for safe keeping. The possibilities in terms of versatility and style are endless. The beauty of the smaller wine racks is that you can often find them handmade and affordable.

If you’re looking for the best bang for your buck meaning great quality for the price; make shopping for wine racks easy by shopping online. You can find a variety of woods and stains to match your home decor style with an abundant variety of types and styles including glass, metal wood, and wrought iron. There are wine racks for any occasion and any decorative need. All you need to do is take a look and find what suits your style.

Bringing the Tuscan Italian Wine Country into your home decor doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive, all it takes is a little appreciation of the wine country itself, its style, beauty and the love of making your home reflect that warm rustic feeling that the Tuscan Style Wine Racks can bring.

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