Turn Your Dead Wall Space Into Wine Space

dead wall space

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Are you still staring at that dead wall space that you’d love to fill with something unique or creative?

I’ve been there.

It’s not easy finding that one perfect piece that will fill your wall space nicely yet give your space the character you desire.

So let me make a suggestions. (See below)

Why not turn your dead wall space into a wine space?

I love decorating with wine almost as much as I love drinking the stuff 😉 so coming up with creative ideas is what I also love.

If  you like wine and appreciate the idea of turning your love of wine into a creative wine space on your wall, I’ve got some great ideas for you.

Show Off Your Prize Wine Bottle

Even if you don’t have a prize bottle of wine these fun single wine bottle holders with glasses is a great wine display for small spaces.

Instead of using wine you could certainly fill this with your favorite spirits or use a decorative wine bottle.  Of course you can add the glasses or leave them off.


You can also use these single bottle racks as wall sconces. With or without the glasses these make a nice wall decor that fills a wall space or adds additional decor to a painting or picture.


Fill the empty wall space over your bar 

This handmade unique wine rack makes a great place for storing wine or filling a space over your bar or empty kitchen space.

You could even string 3 or 4 of them together that will fill a horizontal wine backdrop that is unique and functional. plus not bad to look at 🙂


Small Wine Rack Fills a Large Space

This handmade wall mounted vertical wood wine rack has an old barn beam look.  All by itself it doesn’t take up much wall space but fill it with wine and it takes up a width of about 22 inches.

This wine rack is pictured in a warm hone color but it also comes in a mahogany color as well.


A Popular & FUN Wine Rack Design for Kitchens or Even Outdoor Living Spaces.

This is a fun versatile wine rack that hold bottles facing the same direction or reverse their direction for an even more fun look.

There are colors that go with any color scheme.  I have a burgundy theme in my kitchen and the burgundy color adds a nice accent with definite character.  My friends just love it!

wine rack picket fence         OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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