Decorative Wine Racks For Home

decorative wine racks for home If you love wine don’t hide it.  Turn your wine bottles into wall art by finding decorative wine racks for home display that share your love of wine and fine decor.

For years the only thing I ever did with my wine was store it in my under cabinet shelf or wine refrigerator. Funny thing; that refrigerator stored more beer than it did wine.

The truth is unless you’re an avid wine collector wine refrigeration isn’t necessary. If you simply love wine and expect to consume it within 1-3 years wine rack storage and display can add so much to the uniqueness of your home.

Only until we started making our own handcrafted wine racks did I realize how much my favorite wines could add character and style to my home simply by housing them in unique quality made wine racks. They add a sophisticated yet relaxed feeling to your room that’s often associated with the Tuscan or French style. I love them because they bring a little bit of the wine country into my home. They not only add character and warmth, they are interesting conversation pieces as well.

For the wine lovers decorating with wine becomes the focal point of your home. But to decorate with wine I would highly suggest going with custom wine racks.  Pre-fabricated wine racks often lack special character and style, and let’s be honest, they can be pretty run-of-the-mill.   A handcrafted one-of-a-kind wine rack is what gives your home a unique, out of the ordinary look.

Decorative Wine Racks for Home Display

I’ve grown to love all kinds of wine racks but wood wine racks seem to be timeless.  What I love about them is that they come in various types of woods and color stains that will match nicely with any existing decor.

Wood is also durable so you don’t experience as much rack breaking and bending as you might with metal wine racks.

If you enjoy wall mounted wine racks hang your rack on a wall that is out of direct sunlight.  Heat from the sun will affect the natural chemical changes of the wine as it ages causing oxidation which will spoil the taste of your wine.

Find wine racks that store your wine bottles at a slight downward angle or on it’s side so the cork stays moist. The idea is to prevent exposing the wine to oxygen.  If the cork drys out or cracks you have a greater chance of air seeping in which eventually spoils the wine.


Wrought iron wine racks are often elegant additions to kitchens and dining rooms. Many offer a very simple elegant look while others stylized with grapes and grapevines and curvy wire wrapping appeal to homeowners with a more ornate taste.

The Square and diagonal X shaped racks mounted to the wall are great space savers and are very popular around the home bar.

For homes with an eclectic mix of traditional and modern designs, wall-mounted racks made from reclaimed wood and single wood logs provide storage for several bottles and are perfect if you love the rustic look.

Even if you’re not a wine lover, who can resist the elegance and refined look of decorative wine racks for home display?

Personally I feel that wine racks of all kinds are a wonderful home decor addition and they never go out of style 🙂

So if you love wine and decorating with wine, choosing distinguished, quality wine racks make great decor pieces for any kitchen wall space, above your home bar, basement or family dining area.


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