Wall Wine Racks Add Creative Home Décor

Tuscan 8 bottle customer installation picture_051516 If you drink wine, a wine rack is essential for proper wine storage; but have you ever thought about how wall wine racks also make ideal wall decor pieces?

In fact the perfect wall wine rack in just the right setting can turn your wine bottles into a piece of art for your walls.  It will enhance the surrounding environment of your room as well as add a touch of class.

It’s for that very reason that many fine wine lovers and connoisseurs intentionally buy wine racks that will show off their collection.Continue reading

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Tuscan Style Wine Racks For Your Home

tuscan style wine racks

One of the things I love about drinking wine is how it reminds me of the beautiful Tuscan Wine Country and vineyards of Italy.  So it’s been a favorite thing of mine to bring that Tuscan style, inspiration and rustic feeling of Italy right into my home with Tuscan style wine racks.

To capture that specific Italian wine country look and feel as part of my home decor I seek out decor items that reflect the Tuscan countryside. One of my favorite ways to to do that is with Tuscan style wine racks and similar wine rack decor.

If you’re also someone that loves the Tuscan style and appreciates Italian decor here are some great suggestions that are not only easy to find, they’re affordable.Continue reading

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7 Wine Rack Ideas For Tiny Spaces


If you’re one of the many millions of wine lovers that happen to live in a small space, we have a few unique and captivating wine rack ideas and solutions that will not only help you get your wine bottles off the floor or out of the pantry, you’ll be able to functionally store your wine and dress up your living space while adding character to your home decor.

Finding the right wall decor that complements your home using your wine bottles doesn’t have to be difficult. We can help you find functionality and creativity that’s simple yet looks great.

Here’s what I mean…Continue reading

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Affordable Wine Rack Displays for Your Home

wine rack displays Wine rack displays come in all sizes and shapes, but when it comes to displaying them in your home there’s something exciting about stepping outside the traditional wine racks designed into kitchen cabinetry or the simple wine rack openings that lack style and creativity.

For turning a dead wall space into a creative wine space I’ve come to appreciate; even love the wall mounted wine rack designs. They certainly add character and individual creativity not to mention they create a focal point that displays personal taste and individualism.

In a nutshell; wall mounted wine rack displays make great use of small spaces and they’re affordable.Continue reading

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New! Angular Wood Wall Wine Rack

wood wall wine rack We’ve created a new design for our wood wall wine rack collection! We call it the Angular wall wine rack.

The name’s not too original; it’s hard to come up with a specific creative title other than it’s angular but we love the look!

But what makes this wine rack so special?Continue reading

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Turn Your Dead Wall Space Into Wine Space

dead wall space

Photo courtesy of sumetho & Freedigitalphotos.net

Are you still staring at that dead wall space that you’d love to fill with something unique or creative?

I’ve been there.

It’s not easy finding that one perfect piece that will fill your wall space nicely yet give your space the character you desire.

So let me make a suggestions. (See below)

Why not turn your dead wall space into a wine space?

I love decorating with wine almost as much as I love drinking the stuff 😉 so coming up with creative ideas is what I also love.

If  you like wine and appreciate the idea of turning your love of wine into a creative wine space on your wall, I’ve got some great ideas for you.Continue reading

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Decorative Wine Racks For Home

decorative wine racks for home If you love wine don’t hide it.  Turn your wine bottles into wall art by finding decorative wine racks for home display that share your love of wine and fine decor.

For years the only thing I ever did with my wine was store it in my under cabinet shelf or wine refrigerator. Funny thing; that refrigerator stored more beer than it did wine.Continue reading

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Wine Racks For Small Spaces – Perfect for Apartment Living

customerphoto Do you live in an apartment or Condo and are looking for wine racks for small spaces?

You can certainly spice up the decor of an apartment with a smaller wine rack.

In fact shopping around for small hand crafted wine rack could be just the thing you need.  They’re perfect for adding charm and character to any apartment or condo space.

Things to consider when choosing small wine racks for small spaces, apartments or Condos. 

Wine Rack Size

What are your wine needs?  Do you you generally shop for wine by the case or the bottle?

Do you like to store wine or do you drink it as soon as you buy it?

If you buy wine by the bottle generally a smaller 4-8 bottle wine rack would be sufficient.  If you shop weekly and drink on average a bottle a day, an 8-14 bottle wine rack would do fine.  If you buy wine by the case any larger size wine rack would be adequate.

Of course apartment or condo living limits your amount of storage, however if you have a wall that you can dedicate to a wine rack, certainly larger 50 bottle size wine racks may work, but typically living in apartment doesn’t offer that luxury.


Do you like to display wine on your wall or do you like furniture cabinet style wine racks that sit on the floor?

If you don’t have a lot of extra floor space for furniture, wall-mounted wine racks are perfect. They’re easy to mount and many of them are designed to hold up to 20 or more bottle sf wine.


A simple classic style like the wine rack at the right is perfect for a small space over a table, underneath a cabinet space or to fill in an empty space over a small bar area.  Whatever the wall space, this gives your room a little bit of art and a great way to show off your favorite bottles of wine.

One of my favorites is the single bottle holder. The single prize bottle holder at the right can even be mounted on either side of a photo giving it the appearance of two wall sconces.


Wine Rack Price

Wine racks vary in price quite a bit generally starting at  $15-$20 going as high as $500 -$800 depending on the type of wine rack.

Mass produced wine racks are generally a bit cheaper giving way to the artisan hand crafted wine racks that are considered more of a decorative art piece. IMG_6707

How much you spend is entirely up to you, your taste and how much you love wine 🙂   But if you want to add character and uniqueness to your apartment or condo or even add a little conversation piece choose wine racks that you won’t find everywhere.  They’re pieces that will give small space living a refined charm.


Jeffrey & Elizabeth


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