New! Angular Wood Wall Wine Rack

wood wall wine rack We’ve created a new design for our wood wall wine rack collection! We call it the Angular wall wine rack.

The name’s not too original; it’s hard to come up with a specific creative title other than it’s angular but we love the look!

But what makes this wine rack so special?

Yes, it’s different and unique, but that’s not what makes it distinctive. Its distinguishing quality is the raw redwood we use.  It’s simple and untreated. We cut it and leave its natural beauty alone.

Redwood is one of those natural woods that just stands out all by itself.

Redwood is typically an outdoor wood so using it indoors for our wine racks projects a cozy, rustic, charming look. Add the angular design and metal strapping; now you’ve got a rustic, modern, contemporary look that’s unique and fresh.

Our Angular Wood Wall Wine Rack Design 

Coming up with the design wasn’t hard for Jeff our designer. In fact he’s always brainstorming new ideas and thinking of creative ways to use wood, metal and nails. Honestly he’s fun to watch in action 🙂  But it’s not just the design that makes for quality, unique products. It’s a lot about the wood used.  Finding boards with unique wood grains, unusual variations and color contrast is what we like, and they’re not always easy to find. The time it takes to find good quality characteristic wood can be exhausting!

But we’ve found it here. Not only does the wood make this wine rack attractive, we’ve added hand hammered metal straps and painted them a solid flat black color giving the wine rack a nice contrast and depth to the wood. Finally we’ve added top and bottom glass holders that complete the wine ensemble.

The size of the wine rack is 35″ x 10″ x 4″ . This is an ideal size for a wall space that is not extremely wide but needs a decorative touch.  We actually have it hanging in our kitchen next to a window turning our dead wall space into an awesome wine space, looks awesome.

 All of our wine rack designs haven’t been great, in fact we’ve had some flops and customers that have told us so. But that’s how we learn to develop better products and improve our quality. As difficult as it is to experience a dissatisfied customer it’s important for our overall customer service.  Of course a bad review or customer dissatisfaction always means we’ll improve it right away or take it off the market.

Yes, manufacturing and creating new products is definitely a work in progress 😉

In closing we love this new design and would love your thoughts on it as well.

Would you buy this wine rack?

What changes would you make?

Would it fit with your home decor?

What wood wall wine rack styles do you like?


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  1. Rosie wilson :

    I love this wine rack, prefect fit, I need 2 to fit perfect 2 corner. Choosing a color of my own will make it even better.

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