7 Wine Rack Ideas For Tiny Spaces


If you’re one of the many millions of wine lovers that happen to live in a small space, we have a few unique and captivating wine rack ideas and solutions that will not only help you get your wine bottles off the floor or out of the pantry, you’ll be able to functionally store your wine and dress up your living space while adding character to your home decor.

Finding the right wall decor that complements your home using your wine bottles doesn’t have to be difficult. We can help you find functionality and creativity that’s simple yet looks great.

Here’s what I mean…

wine rack ideas

Wine Rack Solution #1

Wine bottles can take up lots of room on the floor or in your panty that you don’t necessarily have, and wine bottles stacked on your tables or counters just looks cluttered.

Put your wine bottles to work for you by installing one of these attractive solutions.

The wine racks shown below hold 5 or 6 bottles and are decoratively created with iron cradles. Additionally depending on the rack some of the cradle sizes can be customized to hold larger bottle sizes as well such as 1.5 liter bottles. Because of the available customization and flexibility of these wine racks you can make them work easily to fit your needs.

We’ve designed them to create a rustic feel  in a warm contemporary way.  Both wine racks are handmade and depending on where you put them and the accents you add they will dress up any wall that needs that little something extra.

6bottle wine rack ideas

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Wine Rack Solution #2

For a bit more storage capacity these larger style wall wine rack ideas might be just the thing. The smallest size holds six bottles of wine but unlike the above wine racks the size can be customized for 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 bottles or more. They’re perfect for rustic cabins, restaurants or any decor that appreciates the rustic look.

Because of the available customization and flexibility of this wine rack you can make it work very easily to fit your needs.

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Wine Rack Solution #3

If you like unique and different, how about adding a touch of art to your walls?  You can go ultra modern or add something that makes creative use of the wood.  Each of these wine racks can be customized for just about any length and capacity within reason.  These also come in a variety of bottle storage capacities from 6 – 24 bottles and a variety of stains are available.

5B4GV-FENCE_16 angularrackwithglasses IMG_7622 amalfi

A Few More Wine Rack Ideas We Love


This small prize bottle idea makes a great wall sconce. One on either side of your favorite picture makes a unique statement and adds some creativity to your wall.



How about adding a few wine glasses to your wine rack and create a decorative wine rack just above your counter or bar area? This popular 3 bottle 4 glass wine rack comes in just about any stain you wish or get it unstained and finish it yourself.



Need simply a wine glasses rack?  Here’s a solution that can be adjusted for 4, 6,8 or more glasses.  It can also be customized to hold large bowl sized glasses.

It’s rustic, simple and has been a popular item for any bar or kitchen that needs a simple but attractive glasses rack.


The key thing to keep in mind is that your wine collection does not have to be hidden away in a cabinet or sit stacked on the floor. They can be very neatly and safely stored in the proper manner that keeps the cork wet while adding style to your tiny space.

For more wine rack ideas for tiny living spaces and other wine rack ideas and custom orders please visit us at our shop with us on Etsy.

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